This week on Delikate Rayne we’re focusing on the new trend of LED light inspired looks, whether that’s through makeup, clothing… and even food? That’s right, we’re getting inspiration from LED lights to take into every aspect of our lives. One of the hottest trends in food right now is the juice wave, and Real Good Juice Co. is making some drinks that will light up your day.
Some of the featured juices that are sure to spark your attention include the “Bluice Wayne” containing almonds, blue magik, vanilla, coconut nectar, and sea salt. Filled with antioxidants and electrolytes that’ll give you a boost of energy. Another is the “Juice Bigalow” filled with apples, beets, carrots, ginger, and lemon that’ll leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day.
As it may be difficult to take a trend like LED lights and incorporate it literally into your food, be inspired by a trend that can excite and ignite your energy through the food you eat!
Images by Real Good Juice Co. Instagram Gallery
Additional Imagery via Just Jared, Naver
Words written by Grace Esler