Del.i.kate [del-i-cate] Rayne [rain; reyn]


1. A future who is present; a female pioneer of tomorrow living in the present.


2. To embrace a deeper feminine; to assert the neo-woman in action and appearance

Delikate Rayne (pronounced 'delicate rain') began as an apparently impossible wish turned reality. Founded by sisters Komie and Meg, the brand's title is an amalgamated translation of our Hindi names and a respectful nod to our East Indian roots. Bored with the redundancies of the suburban paradigm in which we were raised, we felt compelled to offer a different comment as an effort to assert change. Being female and Indian involves a great degree of determinism. Male dominant social norms prevail in our native country, and even in the context of our Westernized upbringing, traditional ethnic and gender expectations linger. For us, this meant that pursuing an atypical career in Fashion was out of the question… But ignoring our love of style and form was simply unacceptable - our appetite to create prevailed. Enter Delikate Rayne. With no formal industry experience, our only choice was to surrender to what came naturally. As such, we married the spontaneity, grit and haphazard inventiveness of youth infused trends with the laconic elegance and artistry of high end contemporary design. While also utilizing animal friendly fabrications as an ode to our life long vegetarianism. In the midst of our attempt to make some sense of this union, we arrived at the notion of grunge glam, a motif for the effortless dynamism of the empowered female. Our eyes are on the horizon, and through our designs, we hope to engage and inspire like-minded women to embody an expanding tomorrow. Abandon limits, abandon convention - embrace your own beauty...