Emerge this Spring like a seductive sea goddess with slick, shiny hair that only looks like its sopping wet. This 2017 hair trend will make you look just as sultry off the runway as in real life. Just work a heavy dose of styling cream from your roots to mid-lengths to get that unmistakable shine with a little bit of hold. This hair oozes sultry vibes and represents that moment when you get out of the water at the beach and push your hair back out of your face.

This seductive style is easier than you might think to pull off. To get the look, wet your hair with a spray bottle from roots to ends. Apply a cream all over, then brush it straight back. Use a diffuser to lightly dry back and add texture, then spritz on hair shine to exaggerate the drenched look. What gives this do such sex appeal?, you may ask.  It’s tough, shiny and lends to the idea of being effortless. Make a splash with these slick vibes. Check out some inspiration  below!


Imagery via Byrdie, Altuzarra gallery, Getty images, HBZ hair trends
Words written by Mallory Maupin