Velvet is undoubtedly the number one trend right now, and as far as we’re concerned- it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.  the trend really showed itself throughout the typical fall and winter seasons, and we don’t think a little warmer weather is going to disrupt the fashion worlds love for velvet just yet. Velvet will most likely thrive throughout the warmer seasons, in some not so typical ways. Right now we’re seeing tons of velvet dresses- both long and short, as well as thigh high velvet boots and even full on velvet suits. With warmer weather look out for velvet shorts, strappy velvet body suits, velvet bikinis, and even velvet sunglasses. Want to be the first to scoop up some warmer weather velvet wear? look no further, we got you covered.

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Imagery via Pinterest, Popsugar, Google images, Star Tracks
Words written by Rachel Rusian