Posted: Dec 07 2016
by: Delikate Rayne

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The holidays are rapidly approaching (yay!), but unfortunately, an unwanted side effect to this happy time of year is something nobody is happy about- winter weight. We all tend to gain a few extra pounds this time of year, but luckily we have some fashion tips that’ll make you look as slim as possible in just a couple seconds! Our first, and easiest tip: all black. It's truly a no brainer, black clothing does wonders for making the body look instantly more svelte. Try out an all black jumpsuit or romper and even dress it up with a pair of heels. That leads us to our next fashion tip: pointed toe heels. These heels elongate and make your legs appear slimmer, not to mention they’re a sexy yet classy addition to any outfit! They key to this is making sure they are low cut and open, while exposing the top of your foot. Let that toe cleavage shine through, its definitely a yes. Heels, or booties that cover the front of the foot don’t lengthen your legs like open heels do. Our last tip: accentuate the parts of your body that are the slimmest. For most people, this is right above the waist. Try on some high waisted pants that hit right at your smallest part to show it off. If you plan on wearing a flowy dress, try belting it so your figure shows through!

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Words written by Rachel Rusian with additional text and editing by Delikate Rayne staff