We all find inspiration differently, and in mysterious ways. Sometimes we get inspiration seemingly out of nowhere- or so we think. Have you ever thought about how your favorite childhood books can influence the latest fashion trends? Well, think no more! We’re about to connect some fashion trends to your favorite books. The first and most recent craze has been clear plastic heels. They’re great because they go with anything- literally, because they’re clear. We can’t help but think these are Cinderella inspired from her glass slippers she wore on her one night out! Next, we have the classic peter-pan collar, which is pretty self-explanatory. This collared style looks amazing on people of all ages, and adds a little quirk to any outfit. Lastly, we have the round glasses trend. A huge trend has been wearing big fake glasses, and the rounder they get the more they remind us of everybody’s favorite book series: Harry Potter. These glasses are a super cute and easy way to accessorize your outfits!


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 Imagery via Pinterest, Tumblr
Words written by Rachel Rusian