Obsessed with Snapchat? Join the club. When we're having a stressful day, we admittedly enjoy relieving tension by opening up Snapchat and playing with the filters. It is an undeniable fact that Snapchat filters are the absolute best part of the social story sharing app. No surprise, many of them were inspired by makeup artists. But why pretend! This Halloween, rather than simply adding a filter to your photos, you can actually create 'em in real life using makeup and few simple accessories. They make for a super easy DIY. The costume itself can be anything you’d wear while Snapping but the makeup and accessories are what will really put the finishing touch on your getup. While there are loads of constantly changing filters to choose from(all excellent choices), you’ll be sure to stunt at all the Halloween parties you stroll into. Check out our 9 favorites for this year’s Halloween festivities!




If you want to be super meta about it, go as the actual Snapchat face finder itself. You know, it's that little scanner graphic that pops up when you hold your finger to the screen so Snapchat can locate your face. All this look takes is a steady hand, sharpened white eyeliner and a LOT of patience.




If you're searching for a Halloween costume that balances pretty makeup and a topical concept, this beautiful butterfly goddess-ness does just that. With its luminous highlighting, radiant eye makeup and fluttery lashes, it’s surprisingly wearable. Don’t forget that sparkle  atop that pretty little head of yours. 



Ah yes! The most classic of Snapchat filters: The rainbow spewing undeniable cuteness. How can puke be cute, you may ask? It must be the wide eyes and the pink cheeks. This costume takes several colors of face paint and a bit of practice to master, but if you show up to a Halloween party wearing it, you’re guaranteed to make everyone puke at how cute you are.




The Snapchat filter craze has even made it into the fashion world, with Spanish clothing designer Desigual debuting its Spring/Summer 2017 collection on models rocking various Snapchat-inspired looks, like this cute little puppy dog.  Paint a cute, little spotted nosey and perk up those cut out ears.




Pop art costumes have been around for ages, but this one takes inspo from Snapchat-and it’s considerably easier than most. While many similar looks have little dots that need to be meticulously painted on, this filter-inspired makeup skips all those tiny, tricky details and keeps it simple.




Another of Desigual's NYFW looks incorporated the deer filter (minus the prominent ears in the Snapchat version). While this isn't likely to spark a trend of folks wearing doe makeup on a regular ol’ Tuesday, this is definitely a sweet costume idea.




If you want a sexy costume that plays up your eyes and gives you an excuse to wear your hair in big, enchanting waves, try this fierce lioness filter look. It also gives you an excuse to play up your cat eyeliner and lashes to the max.




If you're a big fan of the eerier Snapchat filters, try this creepy grayscale costume that features sharp teeth, cracked skin and a seriously creepy smirk.




Hey, if you're going to cry on Halloween, you might as well make them colorful tears, right? The best part of this costume: If you wind up sweating at all, it'll only get better. Smear on!

Imagery via E! Online, MTV UK, Desigual, RCL Beauty, Pinterest, Tumblr
Words written by Mallory Maupin