Posted: Dec 31 2016
by: Delikate Rayne

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Put down the contouring powder. Step away from the fake eyelashes. We've got a round up of all of 2016’s greatest hits. If you're a no-makeup makeup or rock-your-natural-hair-color kind of girl, brace yourself, because 2016 went where you never have before. From peach dyed hair to glitter lips, it's all about the I-promise-you-can-pull-this-off beauty statement. Seriously though—stepping outside of your comfort zone has never looked as good as they did in 2016. Check out our favorite looks from a jam-packed year of beauty firsts. 

Neutrals are great, but if you really want to turn heads this fall, metallic foil eyeshadows should be your go-to. With rich pigments and an opulent finish, it can deliver glam rock or Old Hollywood vibes depending on what suits your fancy.

Glitter lips hitting the mainstream? We never thought we'd see the day. But leave it to makeup genius Pat McGrath to bring it to the masses with her new #Lust004 Lip Kit. We admit it's not the most wearable look, but you can sport it for as long as 12 hours without reapplication.

As for the 2016 show stopper freckles, use three different-colored pencils and press the blunt tips into the skin to create dots, scattering them over the nose and cheeks and putting them in random places for "a more realistic effect." Keep the foundation light and the lips toned down, and there's nothing retro about this flirty look.
From Georgia May Jagger to Kylie Jenner (who's now a notorious fan of peachy inspired beauty), all of the cool girls are looking to fiery orange hues to spice things up. 
There's nothing edgy about white eye until you start smudging and streaking it across your eyes, Jackson Pollock style. At Zero + Maria Cornejo, makeup artist Dick Page used a medium-sized shadow brush to paint on slashes of matte white pigment on the outer corners of the eyes.

Just-got-back-from-the-beach hair isn't just for summer. Enhancing your natural texture with a wet-shine finish is a fresh way to evade dull, lifeless hair. And survive the Indian Summer. 

Lighter than brown but darker than tan, this chestnut shade is cool in a vintage suede skirt kind of way. And because it's such a unique hue, all you need is a bit of concealer and mascara and you're good to go!


Imagery via Pinterest, CutyPaste, Accidiosav, Cosmopolitan, Urban Outfitters Blog, All the Shades of Beauty, Vogue, Galore Mag, Yahoo!
Words written by Mallory Maupin